CAMO Services

  • Monitor the Reliability of the operators/ Customers fleet
  • Review the Airworthiness Directives for the Customer fleet and prepare compliance status reports
  • Review the OEM S/B and recommend compliance based on the customer Fleet Reliability
  • Develop Customized Maintenance Programs
  • Develop Customized MEL based on the customer root structure and dispatch reliability targets
  • Preparation of Long term and short term the customer fleet Maintenance Forecast

Engine Health Monitoring

  • Engine condition Monitoring.
  • Engine Fleet Management.
  • Optimum Engine Spare management and Engine Removal forecast.
  • Engine OEM S/B evaluation and modification recommendation.


Manual development and determine aircraft ETOPS qualification status


  • Aviation Regulations.
  • Basics of the Airline Engineering Services (CAMO).
  • ETOPS.
  • Aircraft Weight and Balance and related operational documents preparation.
  • Others as required.


  • Review the upcoming operational requirement.
  • Search secure DER and/or STC approval for repairs and modifications.
  • Provide consultancy on the customer requirements


Review working procedures and recommend better practices.


  • service7

    Engine Condition Monitoring, depending on the fleet type, and provide periodic reports on the condition of the engine.

  • service6

    Reliability monitoring of the fleet and generating periodic reliability reports to the customer and regulatory bodies.

  • service5

    Review OEM Service bulletins and recommend based on the operational environment and reliability review outcome.

  • service4

    Follow up Airworthiness Directives and review the applicability and recommend the method of compliance.

  • service3

    ETOPS Manual development and determine the aircraft status for fulfillment of the ETOPS requirement.

  • service2

    Review the operational environment of the customer and develop an Optimized Maintenance Program

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